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Business & International Studies Division

An educational setting where faculty, students, and staff create a positive learning experience delivered in a personal environment. Our academic business programs maintain the highest level of excellence.

Our two-year occupational and career programs are dedicated to preparing graduates who are able to make sound business decisions, participate actively in global economics, respond to technological changes, communicate effectively, and affirm a core array of values and ethical practices.

Counseling & Student Development Division

MCC Counselors provide small group counseling and instruction to assist students with their educational, vocational and personal development. Career, occupational, educational, health, and personal counseling are provided by licensed, professional counselors. Courses taught by counselors may be used in fulfilling the requirements for an associate degree.

Some courses may transfer to other colleges and universities. Courses are offered in:

  • Assertive Communication
  • Career Exploration and Decision Making
  • College Survival Skills
  • Human Relations Skills
  • Job Seeking Skills
  • Job Seeking Skills Using Social Media
  • Leadership and Group Techniques
  • Stress Management
  • Study and Learning Skills

Fine Arts & Social Sciences Division

The Fine Arts & Social Sciences (FASS) Division includes many exciting programs and courses, meeting the diverse goals of Mott Community College students. We have a broad range of classes which meet General Education requirements in Social Sciences (SOC), Humanities (HUM) and Information Technology (INT).

Health Sciences Division

The Health Sciences Division offers courses and programs in health care, wellness, and physical education.

Our programs help students prepare for employment in health care professions. Courses may be used toward completion of a certificate or an associate’s degree, and courses may transfer to other colleges and universities.

Humanities Division

Courses in the Humanities Division are among the most in-demand at Mott Community College. All areas of study require students to obtain certain skills that courses in the Humanities provide, such as analytical and critical thinking, writing, reading improvement, and communication.

Many of the general education courses required by four-year colleges and universities may be acquired within the Humanities Division and are fully transferable.

Courses include:
  • Composition and Creative Writing
  • Composition for Technical Fields
  • Literature
  • Speech Communication
  • Film
  • Foreign Languages
  • English as a Second Language
  • Philosophy
  • American Sign Language
  • Sign Language Interpreter Education
  • Reading and Developmental Writing to improve students' existing skills

Science and Mathematics Division

The offers courses and programs in the natural sciences and in mathematics.

These courses help students develop skills in:

  • Thinking scientifically and mathematically
  • Using the scientific method
  • Applying natural laws and theories
  • Examining components of the living world
  • Determining the interaction of these components with the physical world
Courses offered by our division  transfer to many 4-year institutions. Students can choose from a variety of Associate in Science degrees that will lead them on a continued educational path towards a Bachelor of Science degree.

Technology Division

The Technology Division at Mott Community College offers Certificates and Associate Degrees in Design, Manufacturing and Service Industry specialties as well as Computer and Information Technology courses and degree programs.

These courses and programs are for students seeking marketable, high tech skills and for those already employed who are seeking additional education options in the rapidly changing technologies.

These programs and courses:

  • Prepare students for high demand technical careers
  • Give students the tools for the highly technical workplace of today
  • Allow many students to achieve wages of up to $30 per hour
  • Prepare Technology Division AAS degree graduates to transfer to select universities
  • Provide registered apprentice training opportunities

Southern Lakes Branch Center - Fenton

We’re here to serve you with a college in your neighborhood!

Whether you want a two year degree, searching for a pathway to a four year college, learn new job skills, or enrich your personal knowledge, you can find excellent quality classroom instruction at Southern Lakes Branch Center. The same services you would receive at Mott Community College's Main Campus in Flint will be provided for you at Southern Lakes Branch Center.

Southern Lakes Branch Center (SLBC) offers a wide variety of courses for MCC students. SLBC is the only program site for Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapy Assistant, and Law Enforcement Regional Training Academy (L.E R.T.A. - police academy) A full range of classes are offered to achieve your academic and personal goals. Opportunities exist for dual enrollment between your high school and MCC.

Lapeer Extension Center

"Success never stops trying or learning and anyone that desires to improve is welcomed at Mott College Lapeer. Mott College and the Lapeer Center provides individuals a right to access the opportunity of a wide variety of skills and careers. As a nationally rated top tier community college, the unique opportunities MCC provides is remarkable. Since MCC spends most of our budget on our career programs and equipment, not on advertising or marketing, we are a local treasure that many in the community under utilize. Explore what is possible by stopping in and talking to one of our Career Specialist." –Thomas Saelens, Director, Lapeer Extension Center

Mott Community College has offered classes in Lapeer since 1989 and the current facility has been open since 1993. The MCC Lapeer Center offers classes through the year and services more than 5,000 students annually.

Students can complete many educational requirements towards a Bachelor's degree through our transfer programs or begin one of our many occupations career options that provide job skills within two years or less. Our commitment to excellence means we work to make sure each student meets their educational and career goals.

Lapeer area students can complete many basic educational requirements close to home. Recent improvements to parking lots, restrooms, and classrooms reflect Mott’s continued investment in the Lapeer community.

Northern Tier Center - Clio

MCC has what you need. Whether you want a two or four year degree, to upgrade or learn new job skills, or to enrich your life by taking a class or two, you’ll find the same excellent quality of classroom instruction and services found on the main campus. A well rounded selection of general education, transfer, and program courses are offered at NTC.

Regional Technology Center

The Regional Technology Center (RTC) is a venue for technology-driven programs and services that prepare students to enter the workplace in a number of high-demand, high-wage careers or to continue their education. The RTC is also a place for companies to seek future employees or develop specialized education and training programs that meet their specific needs.

The RTC offers traditional college credit programs as well as customized education and training services that are relevant, rigorous and focused on today’s skills.

The RTC also houses the Regional Technology Initiatives (RTI) department which focuses on new and emerging technology, regional economic development and regional, state and national partnerships that focus on program improvement and workforce talent development.

This state-of-the-art facility houses the following departments and services:

The Flint M-TEC is located on the college’s main campus. This location ensures that business focus is maintained in all areas of our operation.

Livingston Center - Howell

MCC's Livingston Center offers a wide range of Certificate programs and Career Enhancement short courses in a variety of subject areas.

Classes are offered in flexible formats:

  • Traditional classroom settings.
  • Open Entry/Open Exit classes - self-paced and begin/end on your schedule.
  • Thousands of online courses from the world's greatest authors and companies on nearly every subject imaginable!
August 9, 2019
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