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Math Competition

MCC's High School Mathematics Competition is an annual event hosted by the Science and Mathematics Division.

Each school is allowed to bring a maximum of 12 students that are divided into groups of four students. These groups are given a battery of twelve tests with each test having four questions. The students are allowed to work together to solve the questions with a time limit of 10 minutes for each test. The first six tests are non-calculator and for the second six tests any hand held calculator is allowed.

The mathematical concepts tested are up through Precalculus. Medals are awarded for the top ten groups. The winner of the school competition is determined by totaling the top two groups of each school with trophies and medals being awarded to the top three schools.

14th Annual Mathematics Competition November 2, 2018 Results

The schools were differentiated by the total of the best two teams’ scores.

Placement School # Correct
1st Place Grand Blanc 55 questions correct
2nd Place Goodrich 47 questions correct
3rd Place Flushing 45 questions correct

Highest Individual Team - Grand Blanc Team B

November 6, 2019
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