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Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable Department located at Curtice-Mott Complex, CM1026, is responsible for invoicing all services provided by Mott Community College. If you have any questions please contact Mary Brown at (810) 762-2031.

Invoice Request Excel document

The Invoice Request Form is used to request that an invoice be created in the Datatel system and sent to the customer by the Accounts Receivable Department. There are several items that are required to be listed on the request form before sending it to the Accounting department. Please note that invoice requests and sponsor statement requests require ONE WEEK turn around from the date they are received in the Accounting Office.

Invoice Adjustment Excel document

The Invoice Adjust Form is used to adjust the amount of an invoice after one has already been created. Adjusted invoices cannot be re-printed so this form should only be used when adjusting invoice totals after payment has been received.

Sponsor Statement Excel document

The Sponsor Statement Request Form is used to request that a customer be sent an invoice for payment of student tuition that were entered into a sponsorship. The charges have already been entered into Datatel and therefore an invoice does not need to be created in the system, however an invoice “cover sheet” does need to be created and sent to the customer along with a “sponsor statement.”

General AR Write Off PDF document

The General AR Write Off Form is used to clear any uncollectible balances from a customer account. It must be approved by the cost center manager, CFO and VP of Administration.

General Accounts Receivable Summary

January 22, 2020
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