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Dual Enrollment or Early Admit High School Student

 A valid state or federally issued photo identification (ID) (i.e. driver's license, passport, etc.) is required for all business conducted at Mott Community College.

Students may want to start college while they are still attending high school or home school. MCC is the most popular choice in the area for these students. It is a great way to get an early start on a college education

Dual Enrollment: This term applies to public and non-public high school students that meet the state requirements for their high school district or state to pay a designated amount for college classes. Students should see their high school counselor for more information on state and high school requirements.

Early Admit: This term is used for a high school junior or senior who wishes to take college classes but does not have funding through their high school. Students can still enroll in MCC classes with parental and high school permission but must pay for the full cost of the classes.

How to Apply

There is no application fee

  1. Submit a completed and signed Application to the Admissions and Recruitment Office through one of the methods listed below. From the time we receive your application, please allow 24-48 hours for our application to be processed. Our online application is the most accurate method to apply and is preferred. If you have attended MCC in the past, please re-apply online.
  2. You must submit a high school transcript to the Admissions and Recruitment Office. If available, please attach your most current ACT scores.
    • Student must have a cumulative 2.5 high school G.P.A.
  3. Submit a completed and signed Dual Enrolled / Early Admit Certification form. The student, parent, and the high school counselor must sign this form. The specific courses in which the student wishes to enroll must be listed on the certification form. Students must follow the State of Michigan Course limitations guides.
    If you started Dual Enrollment in your: Number of Course You'd take Per Year
    9th 10th 11th 12th Total
    Freshman Year 2 2 2 4 10
    Sophomore Year X 2 4 4 10
    Junior Year X X Limited to 6 Limited to 6 10
    Senior Year X X X Limited to 6 6

    Students starting dual enrollment in their Junior year are limited to 6 courses per academic year. However, the student cannot exceed a total of 10 courses between Junior and Senior year.
  4. A Placement Assessment must be completed at the main campus in Flint,Southern Lakes Branch Center - Fenton ,Lapeer Extension Center, or Northern Tier Center - Clio to determine college course eligibility. ACT test results may be used to replace all or portions of our placement assessment based on the student's scores.
  5. Attend a New Student Orientation. Once admitted to the college you may schedule an appointment with our Counseling/Student Development office at the main campus in Flint, Southern Lakes Branch Center - Fenton, Lapeer Extension Center, or Northern Tier Center - Clio.

  6. To register for classes, the student must see an Admissions Representative at the Mott Community College Admissions and Recruitment Office or extension sites.
    • An Admissions Representative will verify and sign the class schedule worksheet for the classes approved by the parent and school that are recorded on the Dual/Early Admit certification form and register the student for classes.
    • The student must meet all pre-requisites and/or college academic requirements for any courses for which they wish to register.
    • Students in Grades 9 or 10 will require additional approvals to register for classes. See your Admissions Representative for more information.
  7. Payment for tuition is not required from Dual Enrollment students at registration. The student's high school will be billed. The student is responsible for books and supplies and any tuition and fees not paid by the school district.

    2019-2020 K-12 Partnership Tuition & Fee Rates
    Early Admit students are responsible for all tuition, fees, books and arranging a payment method.

View the enrollment process for details regarding the steps that apply to you and other services that will benefit Mott Community College students.

July 30, 2019
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