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Guest Student

 A valid state or federally issued photo identification (ID) (i.e. driver's license, passport, etc.) is required for all business conducted at Mott Community College.

Welcome to Mott Community College! MCC is a great choice if you currently attend another college but want to take a couple of classes here and transfer the credit back to your home college. You can be a Guest Student any semester - winter, spring, summer, or fall.

There is no application fee

  1. Apply to Mott Community College.
  2. Submit a valid government issued photo identification (ID).
  3. Complete a Guest Application. Please allow 24 - 48 hours for your application to be processed.
    • Attending a Michigan college:
      Submit a completed and signed with official seal, “Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application” to the Admissions Office. Make sure to list the specific Mott Community College classes you wish to take on the guest application. Use WebAdvisor to search for classes.
    • Attending an out-of-state college:
      Submit an official letter signed and approved by your school's Dean, Provost or Registrar  that indicates you are a current student in good standing and list the classes you wish to take at Mott Community College. Please submit your official letter along with your photo ID to the address listed above. Use the Backpack to search for classes.

  4. Submit unofficial/student copy of college transcript(s) and ACT scores to the Admissions Office:
    Please submit these documents with your Guest Application. (ACT results may be used to waive Reading and other course requirements). It is recommended that you always have your own copy of any unofficial college transcripts when doing business at MCC.
  5. Pay for classes. Guest students usually cannot use their financial aid at Mott Community College. Payment must be made by the published payment deadline date. Contact Cashiers Office for details at 810-762-0200.

  6. Course/Class Requirement/Prerequisites:
    Students must meet the minimum class requirements/prerequisites before registering for the course(s)
    • e-Learning Requirement:
      Students must take and pass a DLES session prior to registering for an e-Learning WWW, WCA or hybrid course at MCC. Only students who have successfully completed a course of this type are exempt. No exceptions.
    • Registration (guest students cannot register online)
      If you are unable to register in person, consider completing our release of information form identifying your designee. 

  7. View the expanded enrollment process for details regarding the steps that apply to you and other services that will benefit Mott Community College students.
March 23, 2018
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