Green Initiatives and Recycling Action Project


The goal of this team is to study and recommend college-wide recycling and green initiatives. As a large organization with over 800 employees, more than 10,000 students, and several campus buildings and facilities, a great many opportunities exist for reducing waste and creating greater energy efficiency. This team will analyze the current situation for green/recycling activities on campus and recommend programs and strategies that match the culture and facilities planning of MCC.


Mott Community College
Academic Quality
Improvement Program

Green Initiatives and Recycling Action Project

Larry Gawthrop

Project Liaison:
Dale Weighill

Team Leaders:
Larry Juchartz
Lisa Poma

Note Taker:
Kim Brown

Team Members:
Wendell Brandon
Carri Farah
Rebecca Gale-Gonzalez
Desiree Londrigan
Ken Martin
Dianne McClure
Jody Michael
David Rambiesa
Laura Tripp
Charles Wade

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