Pathways-Based Advising Action Project

The Pathways-Based Advising project will improve the academic advising process by creating an intentional case management system that enables Academic Advisors to actively monitor student progress and provides timely intervention to support successful completion of their academic pathway.


Mott Community College
Academic Quality
Improvement Program

Pathways-Based Advising
Action Project

Dr. Amy Fugate

Project Liaison:
Michelle Glenn

Team Leaders:
Mara Fulmer
Jeff Simms

Note Taker:
Wanda Brown

Additional Team Members:
Lisa Banks
Patricia Bergh
Philip Greenfield
Christine Hughes
Clarence Jennings
Lydia Lewis
Kerry Moore
Carol Nielsen
Bermicia Parks
Matthew Roda
David Schaaf
Erin Shirey
Dan Thomas
Kojuana Wiggins

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