Student Pathways Action Project


The goal of this project is to study and recommend improved and streamlined "pathways" for student progression through programs of study. Specifically, this Action Project will focus on student entry and exit points, as well as improved intake and student lifecycle/progress management with an emphasis on timely completion of degrees. A special emphasis will be placed on institution-wide strategies for improving and expediting student progress toward successful completion including simplified or streamlined college processes and systems.


Mott Community College
Academic Quality
Improvement Program

Student Pathways
Action Project

Amy Fugate
Scott Jenkins

Project Liaison:
Steve Robinson

Team Leaders:
Lisa Novak
Thomas Saelens

Team Members:
Gail Bowman
Regina Broomfield
Johanna Brown
Tammy Cummnings
Amy Fugate
Lisa Gonzalez-Gronauer
Philip Greenfield
Teri Hill
Josua Illian
Al Perry
Bob Rentschler
Jason Slade

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