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June 1, 2009:As we prepared to submit our first AQIP Systems Portfolio, this page served as a development space, as well as a place for internal and external stakeholders to review and comment on our work. The actual portfolio may be viewed here.

Higher education institutions involved in the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) are required to submit a Systems Portfolio every four years. MCC will submit its first AQIP Systems Portfolio on June 1, 2009. As our various quality teams work to synthesize this important document, this page will serve as a development space for activities related to the Systems Portfolio.

A Systems Portfolio:
  • Is part of the 4-Year AQIP "Strategy Cycle"
  • 75-100 page (double-spaced) public portfolio describing fundamental institutional systems
  • Covers the nine AQIP Categories, describing processes, results, & improvement in each system
  • Shows evidence that the institution continues to meet the Higher Learning Commission's five Criteria for Accreditation

When the 2009 Systems Portfolio is completed, an electronic version of that living document will be housed in this location for public use. Please return to this page for updates and information about the MCC Systems Portfolio.

General Process Documents

Group A (Categories 1 & 3) Group B (Categories 2, 6 & 9) Group C (Categories 4 & 5) Group D (Category 7) Group E (Category 8)

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A complete draft of the 2009 Systems Portfolio is available for review.

Systems Portfolio DRAFT pdf

Please review the current draft of

MCC's Organizational Overview.

Organizational Overview pdf

Send comments or suggestions for revision to Steve Robinson via e-mail. Thank you.


Archived System Portfolios
2009 Systems Portfolio
2009 Systems Portfolio pdf