2013 Systems Portfolio


Institutional Overview

Category 1: Helping Students Learn

Category 1: Helping Students Learn
1P1 and 1P2 Student Learning and Development Objectives.
1P3 Design of New Programs.
1P4 Responsiveness in Program Design.
1P5 and 1P6 Required Student Preparation.
1P7 Advising and Program Selection for Students.
1P8 Underprepared Students.
1P9 Detecting and Addressing Different Learning Styles.
1P10 Special Needs of Student Subgroups.
1P11 Effective Teaching and Learning.
1P12 Design of Course Delivery System.
1P13 and 1P14 Currency of Programs and Courses.
1P15 Determination of Learning Support Needs.
1P16 Alignment of Co-Curricular and Curriculum Goals.
1P17 Degrees and Certificates.
1P18 Assessment of Student Learning.
1R1 and 1R2 Measurement and Performance Results for Student Learning and Development.
1R3 Program Performance Results.
1R4 Evidence of Acquired Knowledge and Skill.
1R5 Learning Support Performance Results.
1R6 Benchmarking Results for Helping Students Learn.
1I1 Recent Improvements in Helping Students Learn.
1I2 Improvement Efforts for Helping Students Learn.

Category 2: Accomplishing Other Distinctive Objectives

Category 3: Understanding Students’ and Other Stakeholders’ Needs

Category 4: Valuing People

Category 5: Leading and Communicating

Category 6: Supporting Institutional Operations

Category 7: Measuring Effectiveness

Category 8: Planning Continuous Improvement

Category 9: Building Collaborative Relationships


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