Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds.


Date Day Opponent Time Location
3/21/2023Tuesday@ Schoolcraft (DH) - POSTPONED Re-scheduled to 3/28/20233:00 pmA
3/24/2023FridayHenry Ford (DH) 3:00 pmH
3/25/2023SaturdayMacomb (DH) - POSTPONED Re-scheduled to 4/4/20231:00 pmH
3/28/2023Tuesday@ Schoolcraft (DH) - POSTPONED Re-scheduled to 4/11/20233:00 pmA
3/31/2023Friday@ St. Clair CC (DH) - POSTPONED Due to Weather. Re-scheduled to 4/5/233:00 pmA
4/1/2023Saturday@ Oakland (DH) - POSTPONED Re-scheduled to 4/6/20231:00 pmA
4/4/2023Tuesday@ Jackson College (DH) - CANCELED 3:00 pmA
4/4/2023TuesdayMacomb (DH) - POSTPONED Re-scheduled to 4/18/20233:00 pmH
4/5/2023Wednesday@ St. Clair CC (DH) - POSTPONED Re-scheduled to 4/10/235:30 pmA
4/6/2023Thursday@ Oakland (DH) Re-scheduled from 4/1/233:00 pmA
4/7/2023Friday@ Schoolcraft (DH) 3:00 pmA
4/8/2023Saturday@ Henry Ford - (DH) 1:00 pmA
4/10/2023Monday@ St. Clair CC (DH) Re-scheduled from 4/5/235:30 pmA
4/11/2023Tuesday@ Schoolcraft (DH) Re-scheduled from 3/28/20233:00 pmA
4/14/2023Friday@ Macomb (DH) 3:00 pmA
4/15/2023SaturdaySt. Clair CC (DH) 1:00 pmH
4/18/2023TuesdayMacomb (DH) - POSTPONED Due to Weather. Re-scheduled to 4/19/20233:00 pmH
4/19/2023WednesdayMacomb (DH) Re-scheduled from 4/18/20233:00 pmH
4/21/2023FridayOakland (DH) - POSTPONED Due to Weather. Re-scheduled to 4/23/20233:00 pmH
4/22/2023SaturdaySchoolcraft (DH) 3:00 pmH
4/23/2023SundayOakland (DH) - POSTPONED Re-scheduled to 4/25/20233:00 pmH
4/25/2023TuesdayOakland (DH) Re-scheduled from 4/23/20233:00 pmH
4/28/2023Friday@ Henry Ford (DH) - POSTPONED Re-scheduled to 5/4/20233:00 pmA
4/29/2023SaturdayMacomb (DH) - POSTPONED Re-scheduled to 5/2/20231:00 pmH
5/2/2023TuesdayMacomb (DH) - POSTPONED Re-scheduled to 5/7/20233:00 pmH
5/4/2023Thursday@ Henry Ford (DH) Re-scheduled from 4/28/20233:00 pmA
5/5/2023Friday@ St. Clair CC (DH) 3:00 pmA
5/6/2023SaturdayOakland (DH) 1:00 pmH
5/7/2023SundayMacomb (DH) - POSTPONED Re-scheduled to 5/8/20231:00 pmH
5/8/2023MondayMacomb (DH) Re-scheduled from 5/7/20234:00 pmH
5/9/2023Tuesday@ Lansing CC (DH) - CANCELED 3:00 pmA