Hustle, hit and never quit

Check out the Mott Community College Athletics YouTube Channel as some home games and events may be live streamed here:

Date Day Opponent Time Location
8/12/2023Saturday@ Owens (Scrimmage) TBDA
8/18/2023Friday@ McHenry TBDA
8/19/2023Saturday@ McHenry TBDA
8/23/2023Wednesday@ Delta (Scrimmage) 7:00 pmA
8/25/2023Friday@ Schoolcraft Invite 7:00 pmA
9/1/2023Friday@ Owens 7:00 pmA
9/2/2023Saturday@ Owens 7:00 pmA
9/6/2023Wednesday@ Lansing 6:00 pmA
9/13/2023WednesdayMacomb 7:00 pmH
9/18/2023MondayJackson 7:00 pmH
9/20/2023WednesdaySchoolcraft - 100th Year Celebration 7:00 pmH
9/25/2023Monday@ OCC 7:00 pmA
9/27/2023WednesdayHenry Ford 7:00 pmH
9/30/2023Saturday@ Raider Challenge 7:00 pmA
10/1/2023Sunday@ Raider Challenge 7:00 pmA
10/2/2023Monday@ SC4 7:00 pmA
10/4/2023Wednesday@ OCC 7:00 pmA
10/9/2023Monday@ Macomb 7:00 pmA
10/11/2023Wednesday @ Jackson 7:00 pmA
10/16/2023Monday@ Schoolcraft 7:00 pmA
10/18/2023WednesdayOCC - Rush Day/Dig Pink Game 7:00 pmH
10/23/2023Monday@ Henry Ford 7:00 pmA
10/25/2023WednesdaySC4 - T Shirt Giveaway 7:00 pmH
10/28/2023SaturdayMCCAA @ Northern Conference Hosting TBDA
11/2/2023ThursdayRegionals @ SC4 TBDA
11/3/2023FridayRegionals @ SC4 TBDA
11/4/2023SaturdayRegionals @ SC4 TBDA