The Aspen Institute Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence Top 150 2017

Women's Volleyball Schedule

2017 Schedule

Date Day Opponent Time Location
8/16/2017WednesdayScrimmage @ Madonna11:00 amA
8/19/2017SaturdayScrimmage @ Owens CCTBAA
8/22/2017TuesdayScrimmage @ Kalamazoo7:00 pmA
8/29/2017TuesdayAlumni Match7:00 pmH
8/31/2017ThursdayLake Michigan and St. Clair County CC3:00 pmH
8/31/2017ThursdayLake Michigan and St. Clair County CC5:00 pmH
8/31/2017ThursdayLake Michigan and St. Clair County CC7:00 pmH
9/2/2017Saturday@ Owens CCTBAA
9/3/2017Sunday@ Owens CCTBAA
9/7/2017Thursday@ Alma6:30 pmA
9/14/2017Thursday@ Lansing CC7:00 pmA
9/16/2017Saturday@ ACC 11:00 amA
9/16/2017Saturday@ ACC 1:00 pmA
9/21/2017ThursdayMacomb7:00 pmH
9/26/2017TuesdaySt. Clair County CC7:00 pmH
9/28/2017Thursday@ Henry Ford CC7:00 pmA
9/30/2017Saturday@ Raider ChallengeTBAA
10/1/2017Sunday@ Raider ChallengeTBAA
10/3/2017TuesdayOakland CC (Dig Pink Game)7:00 pmH
10/5/2017ThursdaySchoocraft CC7:00 pmH
10/6/2017FridayVinncennes University Tournament4:00 pmA
10/6/2017FridayVinncennes University Tournament6:00 pmA
10/6/2017FridayVinncennes University Tournament8:00 pmA
10/7/2017SaturdayVinncennes University Tournament10:00 amA
10/7/2017SaturdayVinncennes University Tournament12:00 pmA
10/7/2017SaturdayVinncennes University Tournament2:00 pmA
10/10/2017Tuesday@ Macomb CC7:00 pmA
10/12/2017Thursday@ St. Clair County CC7:00 pmA
10/17/2017TuesdayHenry Ford CC7:00 pmH
10/19/2017Thursday@ Oakland CC7:00 pmA
10/22/2017Sunday@ Muskegon CC10:00 amA
10/22/2017Sunday@ Muskegon CC12:00 pmA
10/24/2017Tuesday@ Schoolcraft CC7:00 pmA
10/28/2017SaturdayMCCAA Volleyball Semifinals, TBA12:00 pmA
10/28/2017SaturdayMCCAA Volleyball Semifinals, TBA2:00 pmA
10/28/2017SaturdayMCCAA Volleyball Championship, TBA4:30 pmA
11/2/2017ThursdayNJCAA District F Tournament, TBATBAA
11/3/2017FridayNJCAA District F Tournament, TBATBAA
11/4/2017SaturdayNJCAA District F Tournament, TBATBAA
11/16/2017ThursdayNJCAA District II National Championship, TBATBAA
11/17/2017FridayNJCAA District II National Championship, TBATBAA
11/18/2017SaturdayNJCAA District II National Championship, TBATBAA
September 8, 2017
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