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Psychological Crisis

The counseling department has several Licensed Professional Counselors available to aid or service students needing assistance in dealing with any issues involving a traumatic incident at Mott Community College. Their training qualifies them to lend a helping hand to students with issues such as: anxiety, post-traumatic Stress, depression and/or grief. Should a student's issues be more than what can be addressed in a college counseling environment, our counselors can provide students with appropriate outside resources to support them.

A psychological crisis exists when an individual is threatening harm to him or herself or others or is out of touch with reality. Uncontrollable behavior and/or hallucinations could be manifested. If a psychological crisis occurs:

  1. Notify the Department of Public Safety at (810) 752-5666 or (810) 762-0222, activate the nearest emergency call box or dial 0 from any MCC office phone. Provide the following information:
    1. Your name and location.
    2. Precise location of the incident.
    3. Observed symptoms or behavior,
    4. Individual's name, if known.
    5. Advise of any injuries.
  2. Avoid aggravating the situation. Do not argue with the individual. Do not attempt to physically detain or restrain him/her.
  3. Do not endanger your own safety.
  4. Upon arrival of public safety personnel, a determination will be made as to the need for emergency medical services or to contact the Dean of Enrollment and Retention to get a counselor to assist.
You are NOT Alone. If you or someone you know is struggling, feeling overwhelmed, or contemplating suicide, we can help. Mott Care Team

The Mott Care Team is a group of Student Success Specialists and Public Safety Officers trained in proactive support and personal crisis intervention.

August 10, 2016
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