Career & Enrollment Center

The location now serves a dual purpose of being a registration center, which is where the registration staff service students, and also where students report with their referral for career service needs. Students may ask advisors or counselors for a referral form during their personal session, then registration staff proctor the various prescribed career resource offering (assessment, employment application development software, occupational information/statistics, etc...).

Our Licensed Professional Counselors help students cope with life issues.

While attending college students often encounter personal situations that impact with their ability to be a successful student. These situations can include depression, anxiety, financial stress, relationship issues, and the loss of a loved one. Similar to many physical illnesses, early recognition and treatment offers the best opportunity for recovery from mental health concerns. Our Licensed Professional Counselors are available to help students cope with these situations. Confidential short-term personal counseling is available and when appropriate a referral can be made to community resources for long-term personal counseling.

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The Mott Care Team is a group of Student Success Specialists and Public Safety Officers trained in proactive support and personal crisis intervention.

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Make an Appointment with a Counselor

Personal counseling is a commitment and appointments are available for students. Personal counseling appointments are 45-50 minutes in length. The first session will explore your history and defining your goals for counseling. It is helpful to read our Informed Consent prior to your first appointment; however, we will also review Informed Consent during your first appointment. Call (810) 762-0111 to make an appointment.

Career Counseling

Undecided about your major? Career Counseling can help you explore your personality, interests, and values to begin making a structured plan.

Meet Your Counselor

Anxious about meeting your counselor for the first time? Read your counselors biography before meeting to help calm your nerves.

Supportive Resources

Could you use help with transportation, bills, or mental health? Check out all of the various local resources at your disposal to support your education.