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eRefund FAQs

When are refunds processed?

Refunds are processed twice a week. Receipt of funds is dependent upon the type of payment option the student elects.

My financial aid hasn't disbursed yet. When will I get a refund?

Refunds will be processed for eligible students after financial aid has been disbursed. Your financial aid disbursement depends on your enrollment and if you have completed all the necessary steps to complete your financial aid. Please visit MCC’s Financial Aid page for more information regarding the disbursement of funds.

Visit: Financial Aid Disbursement of Funds for more information.

Will Parent Plus loans be eligible for Direct Deposit?

Not at this time. Parent Plus loans are refunded by check, payable to the Plus loan applicant. However, it if the Plus loan applicant submits written consent to the Financial Aid office to have the Parent Plus loan refunded to the student, the refund check will be payable to the student.

What are the advantages of having my refunds deposited directly to an existing bank account?

The advantages of having your refund deposited directly into either an existing bank account are:

  • FREE - There is no charge for the service.
  • CONVENIENCE - You will have access to funds sooner. No more waiting for the mail or making an extra trip to the bank to deposit your check.
  • SECURITY - Direct deposit eliminates the possibility that your check will be lost in the mail or stolen. And you won’t have your check returned to us as “undeliverable” if there’s a problem with your. address

What happens if the bank account number for direct deposit is invalid or closed?

The student will be contacted for correct information. If contact is unsuccessful, a check will be mailed. The refund may be delayed up to 14 business days if a check is mailed. Future direct deposits will not be permitted until the bank information is corrected.

How can I confirm my bank name or routing number if either one appears to be different in your system?

Every financial institution in the United States has at least one routing number. The bank name and routing number are confirmed at time of direct deposit set up.

What are my options for receiving refunds electronically?

You have 2 options for receiving refunds electronically:

  1. Direct Deposit into your bank account.
  2. Funds loaded onto your own Prepaid Debit Card.
    • Nelnet does not distribute prepaid debit cards for eRefunding. You must use a prepaid debit card you already have to choose this option.
    • Funds can no longer be loaded on the BLUE PNC Bank prepaid debit cards. Funds can be loaded on the ORANGE PNC Bank debit cards, however.

Note: If no electronic option is selected through with Mott’s Bear Direct student eRefund, a check is mailed to the address currently on file at the College.

How long does it take to receive a refund electronically?

  1. Direct Deposit into your bank account: an account at your own bank: within 3 business days
  2. Prepaid Debit Card: loaded within 3 business days.

Is there a fee for having the funds directly deposited into my account?

eRefund Option Nelnet Fee
Direct Deposit to Own Account None
Funds Loaded to Debit Card None

Can the bank account be changed?

Yes, you may change your bank account at any time by logging into your MCC4me student portal at and following Bear Direct 2.0 link/button.

Can I delete my direct deposit?

A direct deposit account cannot be deleted. You can inactivate an account and activate a new account by logging into your MCC4me student portal at and following the Bear Direct 2.0 link/button.

Do I have to sign up or confirm my direct deposit payment option each semester?

No, once you sign up, this is your permanent refund option until you make a change or the direct deposit is rejected by your bank.

Can I use multiple accounts for Direct Deposit?

No, the "balance" of the refund must be credited to one account.

How do I activate my account and get started?

Students can activate their eRefund account by logging into their MCC4me student portal at and clicking on Bear Direct 2.0. If you are electing to do direct deposit into your own account or setting up so funds can be loaded onto a debit card you already have, remember to have your banking information available when logging in. You will need to have your bank routing number and account number.

How will I know when my refund has been deposited into my bank account?

You will receive an email notification to your MCC email account from Nelnet Student Choice Refunds when funds are ready to be sent to your bank account. When you receive this message, you can check your bank account either on-line, at an ATM, or at your bank's branch office.

Can I have my refund deposited to another bank account?

Yes, you can do this by logging into your MCC4me student portal at and following the Bear Direct 2.0 link/button.

What happens if I don't select a direct deposit option for my refund?

A refund check will be mailed to the address that is on file. Checks are generated twice per week, so please remember to allow up to 7-14 business days for mailing and processing. For a faster refund, it is recommended that you sign up for direct deposit through Mott’s Bear Direct eRefund service. Log into your MCC4me student portal at and click on Bear Direct 2.0.

Can I pick up a refund check from the Cashier's office?

The College's policy states all refund checks must be mailed. The student is responsible for ensuring their address is accurate on the College’s system. You can confirm/update your address by contacting the Registration Office. All checks are mailed to the address on the system.

How will I know when the check has been mailed?

You will receive an email notification to your MCC e-mail account from Nelnet Student Choice Refunds when the check is ready to be mailed. You may also check online by logging into your MCC4me student portal and clicking on Bear Direct 2.0.

Who do I call if I have a concern with my refund or do not receive it within 14 business days from the mail date?

For questions please contact Mott Community College Information Center at 810-762-0200.

August 12, 2019
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