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Tuition & Fees

Tuition Rates Based on Residency

2017 - Fall (Beginning)

In-DistrictRate - $137.60 per contact hour
Out-of-DistrictRate - $183.40 per contact hour
Out-of-StateRate - $261.40 per contact hour


Fees are subject to change.
Check current class schedule booklet.

2017 / 2018 - (Beginning FALL 2017 Semester)

Course Fee Student Services Fee Student Administrative Fee Technology Fee
Fees ranging from $1.75 to $500 will be charged for classes using specialized equipment or laboratory supplies. A $137.60 fee is charged each semester. A $9.55 per contact hour fee will be charged for all courses. A $7.88 per contact hour fee will be charged for all courses.

Residency Status Changes

If your residency status changes from out-of-district to in-district when you update your address, it is your responsibility to report this to the Records Office. You must provide proof of the residency change by providing a Michigan photo id with the change; and one of the following: current motor vehicle registration, property tax receipt for property tax within Mott College district, utility bill with service at the in-district address, a signed and dated rental or lease agreement showing address including dates of the lease, and signature/phone number of the landlord. Students who petition to change their residency classification to in-district status must submit proof of in-district residency for 30 days before the first day of a semester.

Refund Policy

The schedule for the refund of tuition and fees is provided on the Academic/Registration Calendar each semester and session.

NOTE: Students who withdraw from fall or winter semester classes after the second week of classes will not receive refunds. Students should be sure to check the Academic/Registration Calendar for specific dates. Refund deadlines vary for each semester and session.

Tuition Appeals Policy

Students may request a Tuition Appeal due to extenuating circumstances such as military deployment, certain medical conditions, and/or family related reasons, including change in employment.

Please refer to the Tuition Appeal Form for further explanation and a listing of the appropriate documentation required to process your appeal. Forms can also be obtained from and submitted to the Office of , ,

Are you receiving Financial Aid?

Students receiving any type of Financial Aid, including loans, grants and scholarships, should be aware that their account will be reviewed to determine how much financial aid they have earned. Mott Community College will not adjust any tuition charges if aid is earned. Rules and regulations governing Federal Financial Aid programs cannot be waived through a tuition appeal or under any other circumstances.

You may not submit an appeal if:
  • Your issue is related to an academic complaint - these are handled through the Academic Divisions. The process is outlined on the Academic Complaint Procedures page.
  • You fail to drop your classes within the add/drop period outlined in the class schedule. You are responsible for knowing these dates and will be obligated to pay any tuition and fees resulting from dropping after the deadline.
  • Your Non-payment and non-attendance are not acceptable reasons for a Tuition Appeal. You are responsible for withdrawing from all courses, regardless of attendance.
  • You failed to confirm a withdrawal submitted in person or using the online registration system. It is your responsibility to follow-up on all requests and actions.
  • Your request is based on acceptance into another school or incarceration – these are not accepted as valid extenuating circumstances.
  • If your account is in collections, you must file a dispute with the collection agency.
  • It has been over 75 days from the last day of the term in which the course(s) was/were dropped. No exceptions.
Additional Guidelines:
  • Printed/published material, such as registration forms, guide sheets, class schedule information, web directions and the catalog take precedence over verbal information.
  • If filing an appeal for medical reasons, please provide dates of medical treatment, along with a letter from your doctor stating the nature of your condition and what functional limitations exist. Hospital and medical records may be used.
  • Filing an appeal does not relieve your current obligation to Mott Community College. You are responsible for all charges assessed on your account pending a decision on your appeal.
  • Failure to provide adequate documentation at the time of submission may result in denial of your appeal.
  • In addition to providing supporting documentation, you must provide your own explanation as to why you are requesting a Tuition Appeal. Please be thorough.
  • All appeals must be signed and dated. A signed application shall act as a student's release of information and consent to review academic, financial aid, registration, medical documentation and other records that are related to the appeal.
  • An appeals committee will review the appeals and provide a written response within thirty (30) days. Tuition Appeal Forms can be downloaded here

In-State Tuition for Military Personnel and Dependents

This institution will adhere to the following policy for the purposes of establishing residency requirements in Michigan for certain active duty members of the armed forces of the United States, or these members’ spouses and dependent children:

  • An active duty member, spouse, or dependent child of such an active duty member, shall be considered a Michigan resident for tuition purposes if Michigan is that active duty member’s legal state of residence;
  • An active duty member, spouse, or dependent child of an active duty member, shall be considered a Michigan resident for tuition purposes while that active duty member is stationed in Michigan;
  • Once an active duty member, spouse, or dependent child of an active duty member has been determined to be a Michigan resident for tuition purposes, he or she shall retain that status as long as they are continuously enrolled in a degree program at a state institution.

See also Veterans and Dependent Benefits

December 22, 2017
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