"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan" ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

As a Student of Mott Community College, you are encouraged to visit our Career & Enrollment Center to explore and select a career, research transfer colleges, and develop the skills needed in today's 21st century workforce.

When using the Center you are provided with support services from MCC Counselors and CEC staff. In addition, Counseling and Advising Faculty may refer you to the Center for guidance and assistance with career assessment and career exploration.

  • Career Exploration

    The Career & Enrollment Center can assist students with occupational research by providing information on the requirements for different occupations, including:

    • Type of education or degrees you will need
    • Working conditions
    • Employment outlook data
    • Salaries (both state and national)
    • Advancement opportunities
  • Career Assessments

    Many career assessments are available to help students and their counselors with career planning and personal development. Students should meet with a counselor to develop career plans. Students may make an appointment, by calling (810) 762-0111, or visiting the Prahl College Center, Room  PCC2030.

  • Career Planning

  • Occupational Information

  • Volunteer and Community Service Opportunities

  • Helpful counseling faculty and staff members who can answer students’ questions and give the personal attention students need
  • Access to career planning online subscriptions including Chronicle occupational briefs and Vocational Biographies with in-depth Career bio-Briefs, and up-to-date information about careers (work description, working conditions, education and training requirements, salary range, job outlook, etc.) Search careers by pathway.
  • Focus 2 is a comprehensive career, education and major planning program. Focus 2 guides students through a reliable career and education decision making model to help them select their majors and make informed career decisions. A Counselor referral is needed to complete the Focus 2 for career assessment purposes.
  • Virtual Job Shadow., a highly engaging online career planning and career exploration resource that provides students with access to engaging videos that capture a day-in-the-life of professionals in a wide range of careers. Real people, real work places and real advice! Post-secondary school search to find the right schools for your career path based on location, degrees, certifications, and more.
  • Resume software for helping you develop your resume and cover letter.

Visit the CEC for Michigan and out-of-state college information. CEC staff show students how to conduct searches to find schools that offer the programs and characteristics they are looking for including:

  • Tuition and Costs
  • Major
  • Type of degrees
  • Geographic location
  • Campus activities

Absolutely!  We can help:

  • Explore your career options through career assessment and interpretation
  • Find out what jobs will be in high demand in the next few years to help guide choosing an appropriate major
  • Utilize resources to help students plan their future and reach their goals

The Career & Enrollment Center helps students research professional, volunteer and community service experience by accessing a multitude of reference materials.