Degree Description

Graphic Design is a broad field that involves the creation of visual solutions for the purpose of communicating a clientʼs message to an intended audience. Also sometimes called Visual Communications, graphic design balances creative and technical skills in order to address the content and context of a message in the appropriate media. Building upon the foundation skills of the visual arts, graphic design blends innovative visual and creative design thinking in order to support the objectives of society, business, education, or the wider community.

Students who are interested in pursuing graphic design in print, web, multimedia, video and motion graphics, illustration, comics or animation may find one of the three main tracks in the Graphic Design degree program a fulfilling and challenging objective.

Career Possibilities

A degree in Graphic Design offers many career opportunities. Career Coach allows you to explore different career options for the degree you are pursuing. You can even take a look at each job title to see an in-depth overview, salary, job growth, and live job postings.

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Degree Pathway

There are three tracks of study within Graphic Design. There is a General Track that focuses on print and web design (this is the most common area of study). There is an Illustration Track and a Motion Media Track (this track is for students interested in video, art and design).

Students who do not have to take a Mathematics course due to placement test scores, placing them into MATH-130 or higher, may need to complete three additional General Education credits to achieve the minimum number of credits for graduation.

We also offer a 1-year certificate in Graphic Design Foundations for students that might be looking to transfer or are unsure of their specific educational path within Graphic Design.