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Laboratory Practicum Experiences

The Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) operates as the Laboratory School for Mott Community College’s Early Childhood Education program. MCC students working toward an associate’s degree in Early Childhood complete their practicum hours working in MCC ECLC classrooms.

The NAEYC accredited MCCECLC coordinates with the NAEYC accredited MCC Early Childhood Education Program by offering opportunities for Early Childhood Education associate degree candidates to utilize the ECLC as a early childhood laboratory setting for completion of the practicum experiences required in MCC ECE courses.

During their lab experience at the MCC ECLC, students have the opportunity to experience early childhood theories and curriculum being put into practice in the reality of the early childhood setting. Both programs share the same early childhood philosophy and students have hands on experiences which build the skills needed for success in the early childhood field. Lab training goals and placement of students are dependent on the course they are taking and the types of learning opportunities they should have. Most students in Early Childhood courses at MCC will complete 2 – 5 hours of observation and 45 – 200+ hours of field work at the MCC ECLC.

Early Childhood students will be exposed to and participate in developmentally appropriate practice at the MCC ECLC which is supported by the NAEYC accreditation of both the MCC ECLC and the MCC Early Childhood Education associate degree program.

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February 22, 2018
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