Amanda Lemaster - Faculty - Psychology

Hello! I’m Amanda Lemaster. I am a full-time faculty member in Psychology at Mott Community College. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Communications and a Master of Science degree in Experimental Psychology, both from Eastern Michigan University. My academic interests are in taste sensitivity and supertasters.

I have been teaching at MCC since January 2013. I love how the student population is diverse and includes various ages, ethnic and religious backgrounds as well as different learning styles and abilities. Each class presents new opportunities and different perspectives.

My goal in each class is to make all students feel successful. Success means something different for each student. For some students a certain grade upon completion means they were successful. For others, it may be finding interest in a topic that leads down a new life path. Some students feel successful when they leave my classroom finally able to understand a complex concept and are able to apply it to their life. All of these definitions make me feel like a success as a teacher.

I strive to be current using available technologies that can strengthen the connection between concept taught and concept learned. I also love memes and "dad jokes". I incorporate humor in my teaching, as I do in my everyday life. I enjoy telling stories from my own life as a way to illustrate complex psychology concepts and make the material more relatable. I believe that learning should be fun, interesting, informative, but most of all applicable to everyday life.

I teach General Psychology (PSYC 281), Psychology of Adolescence (PSYC 290) and Psychology of Human Development (PSYC 291).