Becky Garske - Program Coordinator Early Childhood Education

Hi, I am a full time faculty member of the Early Childhood Education program and the ECED program Coordinator. I have been teaching at Mott since 2003 and the program coordinator since 2006.

I am a graduate of the Mott ECED program and love having the opportunity to be teaching here where I began my professional career pathway. Prior to teaching at Mott I worked as a Child Care Center Director and as a trainer for early child care providers and ECE staff.

I have four grown sons and two grand daughters who often are featured in videos highlighting course objectives. I teach most of the upper level ECED courses and the majority of them include an additional lab component in addition to your classwork.

The most common thing I hear from students is that "there is a lot of work, but I learned a lot from this class " and that I do not "spoon feed information,", "you make us look for it and then apply it". "We learn how to use the information in the classroom". Guilty as charged; I will insist that you look up information and explain how this will apply to your work as a professional but over these years I have had many students return to say "you were hard but fair, and I learned so much".

That is my goal, to help you begin your professional path with the tools you will need to help support the children and families you work with and to help form the foundation for your continued success as you travel your journey as and ECE professional.