Dalton Connally - Coordinator - Social Work


As a new teacher, I focused on myself as a standard-bearer: I told myself I could set high standards as long as I was willing to "do whatever it takes" to help students achieve those standards. Later, I learned the importance of a dual skill: involving students in the class, so they actively learn more. By actively engaging students, and by holding them to high standards, I try to empower students to find their voices

Why is voice so important? Students will spend much of their lives working, and three-quarters of their time on the job will be spent communicating with others - either orally or in writing. Communicating well is especially important for social work students to be affective academically, professionally, and personally. Therefore, I take a dim view of "knowing" and a much more esteemed view of "voicing". I use voicing to mean communicating effectively by learning to read and think critically, argue persuasively orally and in writing; and, empathize with others, especially those different from you.

I chose to teach at Mott Community College because helping students acquire the foundational skills necessary for a successful social work career is my passion. I love teaching and wanted to do it at an institution where I could invest in student's futures. Preparing social work students is my way of creating a better world.

What makes my students successful is attending class (including the virtual classroom) with an open mind and a desire to learn. I will do everything possible to ensure their success. Students will participate in class, do their assignments, and read the textbook. The most important thing that they can do to ensure success is to talk with me when they are struggling. I am always available for students before and after class or by appointment. I cannot help you if I don't know you are struggling. Please talk to me!

Students who take my class tell me that my course is engaging, fun, and thought-provoking. They learn a different way to view the world by utilizing critical thinking skills. They also gain practical, real-world application of social work skills.