Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott - Faculty - English

I can best say that I live to teach writing and literature. It is not just a job for me; it is my life’s breath. I have taught English composition and literature in the US and abroad. I have taught English writing skills to hearing and Deaf college students. My doctoral dissertation focused on teaching English composition to Deaf college students. If I am not teaching, I am serving as a teacher of teachers, those preparing to enter the profession.

I not only teach writing; I am a writer. I have written five books—an English handbook, a text for only Deaf students, an online text, a book on team building, and an e-book for those aspiring to become school principals. In addition, I have edited a book on parenting.

I have been a publisher for over twenty-three years, owning two publishing companies. One is a textbook publishing company that has published various authors throughout the country and abroad. For example, one of the texts published is one teaching the proper manner to bow and place one’s hands when in Japan. The self-publishing company provides more than writing, marketing, and distribution services. It provides additional support services to those aspiring to become writers.

As a businesswoman, one of the few women in the country who solely owns two companies for over twenty years, I provide consultation services to women who are trying to start a business or maintain their businesses.

Finally, everything I do is with the belief that I have been blessed with a gift from the Great Teacher. And so, I have made certain that I give back academically and financially to the local, national, and world communities to various charities. I work hard to please my Great Teacher and the students with whom He has blessed to touch my life.

I am not an easy teacher. I challenge my students. I am a fair professor who will give all I have to help those students who want to learn. I am a willing student of my students. I love teaching so much because I have learned so much from my students. My methodology for teaching is based on my varied personal and professional experiences. I encourage diverse opinions because of my diverse experiences. I respect different thoughts and I challenge my students to see the world critically and in different ways so that their writing is rich, well-developed, and provocative. I love working with complex individuals because I am complex. And so, I, Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, am a teacher, teacher of teachers, writer, publisher, consultant, student, and child of the Great Teacher.