Dr. Janet Anthony - Faculty - Reading

Hello! My name is Dr. Janet Anthony, and I am a full-time Reading faculty here at Mott. I began teaching at Mott as a part-time Reading instructor in 2007. Prior to teaching at Mott, I was a full-time literacy specialist at one of the local elementary schools located here in Flint, MI. As a literacy specialist, coordinated reading experiences for children and introduced teachers to reading strategies that open the minds of children to a vast world of literacy experiences.

You often hear the phrase, “Reading is fundamental,” and, although this is partly true, so is the ability to read critically and think critically. I have come to realize you can read all the material in the world but processing the information at a higher-level of reasoning is much more empowering. That is why I am here at Mott Community College. I am here to facilitate the skill of reading critically and the process of thinking critically personally and academically as an online learner.

What qualifies me to do this? Besides 20 years of teaching experience, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Community Health Education; a Masters of Arts in Teaching Reading and Language Arts with an endorsement as a Reading Specialist; an Educational Specialist and Administration degree; and a doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I guess you can say I am a lifelong learner. After achieving these degrees, I returned to various post-secondary institutions to further my education and skillset to equip me with teaching English and online learning.

As an online student in my course, you can expect to collaborate with someone who understands your concerns, fears, anxiety, and frustrations with online learning. You can expect to receive regular, timely, detailed feedback, weekly announcements, personal emails, and frequent live chats. You can expect opportunities to engage with content and share your interpretation of the content with myself and fellow peers through discussions, presentations, and group projects. By the end of the course, you can expect to be equipped and empowered to think clearly, rationally, and logically as a critical thinker and critical reader. All I ask of you is to give me every opportunity to help you be successful within the framework of the course requirements.