Jennie Welliver - Faculty - Communication

My name is Jennie Welliver, and I am an online instructor for COMM 131 (Fundamentals of Public Speaking) and COMM 140 (Interpersonal Communication). I have a master’s degree in communication from Michigan State University. I have been teaching at Mott for 32 years (and wow, does time go fast!)

I retired 2 years ago from my full-time faculty position as an Academic Success Specialist (fancy title for an academic advisor) in our CASD (counseling and student development) division. I specialized in Health Science and Associate of Arts advising, and I proudly worked with students, staff, and faculty for your success at Mott, and beyond!

In November of 2021 I was presented the Outstanding Retiree Award as well as a Certificate of Recognition for my leadership and service to Mott by our US Senator, Debbie Stabenow. I am very proud of that accomplishment. Mott is an exceptional institution of higher learning, and I am so proud to be one of many dedicated faculty members.

I love teaching, and I also love to read, walk, play guitar, do line dancing, sew and create quilts for charity, and travel. I stay busy with my grandchildren and elderly father-in-law. I look forward to learning about you in my class!


Jennie Welliver, MA