Dr. Joel Hachem - Faculty - Information Technology

Dr. Joel Hachem, is a Professor of Information Technology at Mott Community College. He has been in IT field for the past 25 years in various positions such as but not limited to: Computer Networking Engineer, Penetration Testing Engineer, Microprocessor Designer, IT Project Manager, Forensic Analyst, Software Developer....

He worked for multiple institutions such as Intel, Oracle, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Comcast.... and now own his IT consulting firm in the Metro-Detroit area, Michigan and provide services in Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Dr. Hachem, earned multiple degrees, he earned a Bachelor in Mathematics, Computer Science, a Master in Mathematics, and Master of Science – IRM, and a Doctorate in Computer Science – Security and still pursuing a Master of Business Administration. He strongly believe that education keeps his mind sharp and allow him to stay up to date.

He specializes in many areas, such as Computer Networking, Cyber Security, Data Mining, Ethical Hacking, System Analysis and Design, Software Development, etc.… and enjoys very much anything related to Computer Networking Security.

When he has free time, he enjoys writing algorithms to create computer viruses and find the antivirus for them and attacking his own computer network at home. He loves to travel with his wife and 2 boys to Europe and Africa to visit family and friends, loves Soccer (he played pro soccer in Africa and semi-pro in France).