Kevin Lindsey - Faculty - Criminal Justice


I began my career in the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) in 1987 as a Corrections Officer. Shortly after being promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 1992, I realized the value of education. As I had only completed the required 15 college credits to obtain the position of Corrections Officer, I decided I needed to return to school and obtain a college degree. Since that time, I have continued on to obtain an Associate’s degree, Bachelor degree, Master’s degree in Counseling, a PhD in Psychology, a second Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, and a Master’s Certificate in Community College Teaching. So, yes, I believe in life-long learning.

While continuing to go to college, I also continued my career in Corrections where I ultimately became the Warden of the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility until my retirement in August of 2019. In addition to working in the corrections system, I have taught at several different educational institutions, even becoming the program chair for Criminal Justice for five years until the position became a full-time position. I have been teaching since 2007 at various colleges and universities.

During my career in corrections, I worked in numerous positions from Corrections Officer, to Sergeant, to Lieutenant, to Captain, to Inspector (where I spent the majority of my career investigating prisoner and staff misconduct, drug interdiction, fraud, and criminal sexual conduct violations), to Deputy Warden, finally, to the position of Warden of an 1,842-bed correctional facility.


I am married to my wife Miranda since 1999, who also has retired from the Michigan Department of Corrections as a Classification Director. We have one daughter together, and I have two older sons from a previous marriage. We have two dogs.


I enjoy hunting, fishing, cooking, and classic cars.