Kim Owens - Faculty - English

Hi! My name is Professor Kim Owens (Kim is fine, but never Kimberly) and I primarily teach ENGL101 and ENGL102. I started going to Mott at the age of 7 when my dad was a student here. (I attended classes with him every now and then when my mom needed a break.) I grew up in Flint and received my BA in English from UM-Flint in 1995. After graduation, I worked at GM, D&N Bank, UM-Flint’s writing center, several local schools, and finally landed at Planned Parenthood as the Communication Associate. I started graduate school at Eastern Michigan University in 1998 and earned my MA in Literature in 2002. I started teaching at Mott as a part-time instructor in the Winter of 2004 and was hired full-time in August of 2004.

But that’s just the boilerplate stuff, right? You probably want to know what my classes are like and who I am as a teacher. If that’s the case, you should probably know I am a pretty integrated person: how I am outside of the classroom is pretty much the same as I am in the classroom. It is hard to be completely objective in a description of myself, so I will rely on the most common phrases I see in students’ evaluations: hilarious, tough but fair, laid back, and quick to respond.

I love teaching at Mott because English was never my best subject until my junior or senior year of undergraduate work at UM-Flint. I strive to be the kind of teacher that I had in college, the ones who showed me why the written word is so important but not reserved only for the most elite thinkers. I like working with students and helping them find their passion and potential, whatever it may be.

As the mother of twin boys, I think the most important aspect of me is that I am constantly evolving and this bio may be somewhat outdated by the time you read. But I think it’s a pretty good start…