Mohammad Wani - Faculty - Mathematics

I have been teaching all levels of math courses for about 30 years at different Colleges and Universities, that includes, Wayne State University, Oakland Community College, Mott Community College, Baker College of Auburn Hills, Baker College Clinton Township and Flint Campus, Macomb Community College and a chartered High Schools. My bachelor’s degree is in Statistics. I have received 4 master’s degrees, Applied Math, Pure Math, Computer Science, and Education, with a "Post Bachelor" in Computer Information System. My Ph.D. is in mathematics, and writing a mathematics book, and it's almost complete.

Math was my worse subject in high school until junior year, but one teacher changed my life and helped me build the missing concepts, and I started liking Math and ends up loving math at all levels and wanted to learn more and more math. Now became the best example of a "lifelong learner," and “learning should never stop.”

In my opinion, "the worse student can become the best teacher" if they receive proper guidance on time. This idea helps me understand the difficulties of a student who says, "I hate math."

Some students come into my class with this mindset, but they say, "We love math" at the end of the semester.

My teaching methodology assumes that all the students in a classroom start at a low to a mid-level understanding of mathematics; thus, I clear the fundamentals first and go over the basics. I believe strongly in testing their knowledge and not necessarily the memory. Over the years, this has become a scanning method for me to figure out or map the overall understanding of mathematics in each classroom situation.

Like any other mathematics instructor, I have developed over the last 30 years a system and method for instruction that may be considered a style unique to my teaching. I can best define my style to bring and keep students’ interest in the subject matter and keep building the building blocks as they master mathematics knowledge.

My specialty is to explain complicated mathematical concepts in an easily understandable manner. I am encouraging, patient and provide individualized support for students struggling with learning concepts of math topics.

My slogan is " every student must learn."

I am so excited to share a lot of Math tricks from my upcoming book when class starts. Hope to meet you soon in my online class.

Dr. Wani