Paula Spencer - Faculty - Early Childhood

Personal Phone: (248) 894-8329

My name is Paula Spencer and I am an early childhood professional. I have been in the field since 1980 and I have never second guessed myself if this is the right field for me. I started as a co-op parent when my children were young. I loved it so much I reached a personal goal of mine and received my master’s in early childhood education when my children were still in strollers

The field has given me so much empathy and compassion and this is what I want to instill in all my students. To be a successful early childhood professional you must also be a successful human being. Kindness, empathy and compassion is what I celebrate every day.

My love for early childhood has taken me all over the world. I wear many hats in the field but the one I cherished the most is what I do here at Mott Community College - to inspire the next generation of early Childhood Professionals.