Rachel Laimon - Faculty - Psychology

Hello! My name is Rachel Laimon and I am a Psychology professor here at Mott. I am a native Michigander and compelted my Master's and PhD at Central Michigan University. I started teaching in 1999 at Central, then continued on to teach at Albion College, Rochester College, St. Clair County Community College, and joined the Psychology department here at Mott in 2003.

As a teacher, I try to value the diversity and experiences my students bring to the classroom. I feel that elements of Psychology touch many areas of our lives, and each person has a unique experience to share. I encourage my students to open their minds to the perspective of another, understanding that our own life experiences tend to be limited either by circumstances or by choice. Making an intentional effort to broaden one's view should be part of the college experience.

Growing up in Northern Michigan fostered my love of the outdoors. I enjoy kayaking, hiking, fishing, and skiing when I can. I am also an animal lover. I've been riding horses since I was 5, so that is my favorite activity. I enjoy finding new trails to ride and new places to experience.