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Success Starts Here

Action plan to become a successful online student

  1. Complete the DLES Preparedness Session
  2. Make sure you can login to the MCC systems
    1. Blackboard
    2. MCC4me Portal
    3. Webmail
  3. At the beginning of the semester - check that your course is active in Blackboard. If not active contact your instructor or the e-Learning office (
  4. Begin with the online Start-Up Session built in the Blackboard course, ask questions of anything that is unclear
  5. Complete your eConsent form for each online course, this authorizes our faculty/staff to communicate online with you and in the Math classes, send your test results through the mail.
  6. Read the syllabus
  7. Look through the course, write down any questions you have regarding the material to ask your instructor
  8. Make a calendar of all important course dates (review dates, test dates, homework deadlines, etc.) - use it
  9. Read the assignments to determine the amount of time needed to complete the assignment – plan accordingly
  10. Complete all reading, do all practice assignments and watch available videos.

Preparedness = Success

What makes a student successful in online learning?


A successful online student is:

  • Organized
  • Disciplined
  • Motivated
  • Engaged
  • Open to new ways of learning
  • Comfortable communicating through text
  • Proactive
  • Realistic


A successful online student has:

  • Read the syllabus
  • A support system (friends or family)
  • The necessary technical requirements for the course and learning management system
  • A consistent workspace and time
  • A schedule


A successful online student connects by:

  • Asking questions
  • Communicating with their instructor
  • Connecting with classmates
  • Taking an active role in the course ie. discussion boards
  • Logging in to their course at least 3 times per week


A successful online student is resourceful:


A successful online student understands:

  • Online learning takes dedication and organization
  • The rules of Netiquette
  • That they are responsible for their own learning environment
  • The need to protect their data with backups
  • The need to be ready to adapt to new ways of online learning
August 23, 2019
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