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FABlab Users

FabLabFABLAB Users

Who has access to the FABLAB?
An existing business, a student, a garage inventor, homemakers, engineers, - just about any creative soul with a great idea.

FABLAB Packages

  • Explore the FABLAB
    This is free and open to everyone including K-12.  For information or to schedule a tour, call (810) 232-4553
  • Students
    TECH-120, “Introduction to FABLAB” is an introduction to "personal fabrication” in which students will learn to use commercially available technologies to "conceptualize, design, develop, fabricate and test" objects. This course covers the computer software and contemporary tools necessary for cutting, milling, engraving, electrical and rapid prototype development.
  • Community
    There are two avenues for the community to access the FABLAB:
April 25, 2018
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