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Faculty Evaluation

Instructor Evaluations

The purpose of evaluation is to improve instruction and encourage professional growth. Each faculty member must have Student Instructor Evaluation Forms (SIEF’s) administered in each class at least once annually. Results from SIEF’s are provided to the instructor. An aggregate summary of results for each faculty member and for the division is also made available to the Dean

Full-time continuing contract faculty and adjunct faculty meet with the Dean once every three years for an evaluation. The content includes a summary of each year’s SIEF’s and a written self evaluation. The faculty member may also choose to include peer evaluation(s) and/or administrative evaluations.

Part-time (non-adjunct) and probationary full-time faculty are evaluated at least every other semester. These evaluations include classroom visitation, administrative evaluation, and peer evaluations, in addition to the SIEF’s.

Probation and Continuing Contract

Specific detailed language that describes the terms of a faculty member’s probationary period can be found in the Faculty CBA

Following is a brief description of the two categories:

October 31, 2017
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