Examine Your Budget and Develop A Plan

Managing money can be especially difficult for students on a tight budget, so the Financial Aid Office has put together a few ideas to help make it easier. On this page you'll find a Quarterly Budget Worksheet and Tips for Stretching Your Dollars. If it seems like you spend more time worrying about money than you do studying, take time out to examine your budget and develop a plan that works for you.

To help you with budgeting and financial advice, MCC has partnered with the online web site Cash Course. This online resource provides very user-friendly tools to help you make good choices about your money.

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"Budgeting 101"

Entering college is the perfect time to develop healthy financial habits, and it all starts with creating and adhering to a budget.

Smart Borrowing

Prior to accepting student loans, it’s important to understand the benefits and the consequences of assuming student loan debt, as well as, understand your responsibilities as the borrower.