2020 MCC Employee Giving Campaign – We're never going to stop!

The Foundation for MCC
A huge shout-out to our employees who supported the efforts of the college with a total combined gift of: $68,932.

We are pleased to share with you the 2020 MCC Employee Giving Campaign – We're never going to stop!

As administrators, faculty and staff at Mott Community College, we work in a variety of capacities. But we have something in common: all of our efforts impact students, directly or indirectly.

Additionally, we share a common goal dedicated to supporting our students, and we're never going to stop!

As we launch our 2020 Employee Giving Campaign, it gives us the perfect opportunity to show our community that we believe in our deserving students and their quest for success. In these uncertain times, the need is great for many of our students and their families. They need our support, now more than ever.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, MCC has stepped up to a myriad of unforeseen challenges. We may be living with the effects of Covid-19 for who knows how long, but we're never going to stop supporting our students and serving our community.

We have a number of dedicated employees who have shown their commitment to students by giving to the college consistently. We invite you to join your colleagues in supporting the college, if you haven't already made a contribution this year. A single gift, combined with other gifts, can make an enormous impact. Every gift is vital to the success of students and the future of the college.

This year's Employee Giving Campaign theme was aptly demonstrated by our Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs Michelle Glenn who personified the quintessential “never going to stop” attitude on a daily basis. This campaign offers us an excellent opportunity to pay tribute to her. As you make your annual giving contributions this year, in addition to your traditional options, please consider a lead gift to the Michelle L. Glenn Bridges to Opportunities Scholarship fund.

The scholarship was established by MCC employees to honor the legacy of Michelle Glenn, who poured her heart and soul into MCC for nearly nine years, serving the College in a variety of positions. Sadly, Michelle passed away in May 2020 but she left a remarkable imprint of forward-thinking leadership, always delivered with encouragement and grace. This scholarship will help to serve as a motivation for students to inspire them to adopt a never-going-to-stop attitude. Please follow your heart and do the best you possibly can to support our students at this critical time. Together, we can truly make a difference. And we're never going to stop!

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