2019 FMCC Board members
Pictured are some of the 2019-2020 Foundation for MCC Board: Armando Hernandez, Sixto Olivo, Harold Ford, Elisabeth Saab-Treasurer, Claude High-Chair, Venkat Rao, MD, FCCC, Steven Elkins, CTA, Sharon Ewles, Rafael Turner, Betty Ramsdell, Foundation President Lennetta B. Coney, Jane Landaal-Vice Chair, Anthony Alexander, Mary Coleman, Kyle McCree, Jennifer Tremaine, Leanne Panduren, PE, and John Krupp, CPA.

The Foundation for Mott Community College is managed by a board of community volunteers, who generously give of their time and talents to ensure good stewardship of funds the Foundation manages.

  • Claude High, Chair
  • Joseph H. Black, Immediate Former Chair
  • Teresa McClelland-Sargent, CFP, CDFA, Chair Elect
  • Jane Landaal Vice Chair
  • Elisabeth Saab,Treasurer
  • Anthony F. Alexander
  • Douglas P. Bacon
  • Mary Coleman
  • Steve Elkins, CTA
  • Sharon Ewles
  • Harold Ford
  • Armando Hernandez
  • Gerald Kariem
  • Dean Keipert
  • John K. Krupp, CPA
  • Kyle McCree
  • Valaria Conerly Moon
  • Sixto Olivo
  • Leanne H. Panduren, PE
  • Betty Ramsdell
  • Dr. Venkat Rao, M.D., FCCP
  • Dr. John Snell, Jr., D.V.M
  • Jennifer Tremaine
  • Rafael Turner
  • Dr. Beverly Walker-Griffea, Ph.D.

  • Jimmy King, Emeritus
  • Edward Mitchell, Emeritus
  • Dr. Richard Shick, D.D.S, M.S., Emeritus
  • Helene Streich, Emeritus

  • Posthumous Members
  • Fleming A. Barbour, M.D.
  • Frank DeLorenzo
  • Ellen Howe, Ph.D.
  • Fay Joseph
  • Ruth Rawlings Mott
  • James Truesdell III