Chair of The Foundation for Mott Community College Board of Directors

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Claude High

Mott Community College has successfully provided educational opportunities to tens of thousands of students for more than 90 years now.

As Chair of The Foundation for Mott Community College Board of Directors, I consider it a privilege and honor to champion this noble cause of supporting and investing in this fine institution and its deserving students.

The Foundation for Mott Community College, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, was created in 1986 to venture beyond what public funding could do, offering resources for broader opportunities at MCC. The Foundation exists as a fourth funding stream to provide financial assistance beyond the traditional income garnered from tuition, property taxes and state aid.

In addition to providing scholarships and grants to deserving students, The Foundation supports a broad range of special projects involving education, training and economic development in the community. The Foundation also awards grants to promote professional development for faculty and staff as well as funding for the Employee and Student Emergency funds, a new fund that provides resources to MCC staff and students experiencing crises or unforeseen circumstances that can wreak havoc in people’s lives.

Investment of charitable and planned gifts with The Foundation for Mott Community College are not merely only investments to the College, you’re enhancing the economic development of our community. When you invest in higher education, you transform generations of families and ensure the future prosperity of the entire community.

I invite you to join me in supporting our students, and supporting MCC. Investing in the future! Thank you, for your ongoing commitment to the college and the community. The success and achievements of our past, current and future students would not be possible without your generosity. Your gifts are a substantial component to MCC’s continued success.

Thank you, for all you do for Mott Community College. Your gifts help us to carry on our tradition of excellence, and for this, we are eternally grateful.


Claude High, Chair

The Foundation for Mott Community College