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Planning Process

MCC uses a methodical planning process to obtain external funding to advance the College's strategic plan and achieve a significant return on investment.

Grant Activity Report PDF document

    • This quarterly report indicates all grant proposals that are in development, have been submitted and are pending or have been funded.

Needs Assessment Form PDF document

    • To be used by any MCC department, faculty or staff to apprise the Grant Development Office of your funding needs.

Grant Flow Chart PDF document

    • This is the process for initiating a grant funded project including the individual steps that are taken from identified funds needed to completion of grant proposal submission.

Grant Timeline Worksheet Word document

    • This form is used by the Office of Grant Development to provide a timeline for completion of grant application/proposal.

Some Thoughts on Grant Funding

Grant funds are best used to fund new initiatives or expand programs or projects - always within the context of the organization's mission or strategic plan.

Grant funds are only part of fund development in an organization. The largest percentage of philanthropic dollars still comes from individuals and can be less restrictive.

Grantors fund outcomes in areas they are interested in and will pay for personnel, equipment, buildings, supplies, etc. to help you achieve these outcomes.

Grant funds are highly competitive and may have a long decision-making timeline.

March 18, 2019
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