Preparation and forethought can help with grant funding awards

The Grant Development Office considers the following questions when individuals or departments are pursuing grant funds. Prior to meeting with the Grant Development Office, please review these questions to clarify your thinking to better prepare for the meeting.

  • Has the project received supervisor and/or Executive Cabinet-level approval?
  • Is the project concept clearly defined?
  • Does it fit within one of the strategic objectives of the college?
  • What type of match is required?
  • Will the award cover existing expenses (i.e. personnel, equipment, etc.)?
  • What portion of the funding will go towards new expenses?
  • Is/Are the funding source(s) clearly identified and understood, and does the project concept meet their criteria? Or are new funds needed and where are potential funding sources(s)?
  • Who will direct the project? (If a new project director will be hired from funds that are being sought, there still needs to be an existing person identified to provide overall oversight.)
  • Have appropriate stakeholders (internally and externally) been identified and involved in planning? (This is not meant to be comprehensive, but rather a representative group.)
  • What are the long-term implications of taking on this project if it is funded?
  • Is the Grant Development Office aware that funding is being sought for this project to insure that duplicate requests to the same funder aren't being developed?