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Conferences and Retreats

A few words about MHA conference -- the MHA conference is a chance for Honors College students to spend a weekend with honors students from across the state (e.g., Western Michigan University, Lake Superior State University). While the topic changes each year, the MHA conference provides our students a chance to interact with students in Honors programs they may transfer into after leaving Mott Community College. This weekend is a great networking opportunity as well as a chance to "get back to nature" in an outdoor, cabin setting on Higgins Lake.

 A few words about Retreats -- Each semester a half-day retreat is held for Honors College Students. The Fall retreat welcomes students back to campus and provides valuable information on the Honors College. In addition, students enjoy the following activities: completing various acquaintance activities, meeting with Honors College faculty, and listening to a panel of seasoned HP students providing advice on how to succeed at Mott (and beyond).

During the Winter semester, students who attend the retreat participate in a ropes course challenge with the help of a trained facilitator. The ropes course is just one of the many team-building activities offered during the Winter retreat. The goal of the activities also include increasing students' communication and critical thinking skills.

It is important to note that Honors students must attend one retreat each academic year in order to maintain their Honors College eligibility.

2017 Michigan Honor Association Conference

June 6, 2018
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