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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I apply to the Honors College?

The program rewards academic achievement with a partial-tuition scholarship and special recognition, such as the Honors College Diploma and Medallion at graduation.
Honors College students are offered opportunities for academic enrichment such as participation in local, regional and national conferences, in addition to optional cultural experiences such as movie, theater, or museum excursions.

The Honors College Coordinator assists students with course selection and transfer or career goals in addition to the advisor in their major field of study. Students also receive mentoring from honors faculty members and enjoy forming study groups with other honors students.

MCC Honors College graduates discover that an Honors Diploma opens doors to scholarship opportunities at transfer institutions as well. For example, MCC Honors College graduates are given first priority of all transfer students applying to the UM-Flint Junior/Senior Honors College because of the unique MCC/UM-Flint Honors Transfer Alliance Agreement.

Is the Honors College open only to certain majors or programs?

The program is open to students in all majors and all programs of study. Students in the Honors College may be pursuing a 2-year Associate's Degree or 4-year transfer plan of study.

Does a letter stating I am on the Dean's List mean I am eligible for the Honors College?

No. A letter from the Dean of your academic program or major is sent to any student carrying 12 credits with a 3.5 GPA in a given semester. Although many students receive these Dean's List letters, you must have a cumulative 3.5 GPA to be eligible for the Honors College.

What are an Honors College student’s responsibilities?

Honors College students are expected to:

  • Remain in good standing with the college.
  • Maintain required cumulative GPA.
  • Attend at least one Honors Retreat per academic year.
  • Complete 45 hours of campus or community service (via HONS 250 or by contract).
  • Participate in Honors College graduation events such as the Honors College Graduation Dinner and Medallion Ceremony.
  • Represent the college appropriately whenever traveling on an Honors College sponsored trip, or when presenting or publishing work that was completed while an MCC student.
  • Follow the Student Code of Conduct as outlined in the MCC Student Handbook with particular regard to Academic Dishonesty :
    • Academic Dishonesty is defined as cheating, fabrication, facilitating academic dishonesty, plagiarism and the acquisition, without permission of tests or other academic materials.
  • Write thank you letters (if so requested):
    • To the Campus Life Enhancement Fund (CLEF) if you attended any events or joined any trips.

How do I know if I'm eligible for the Honors College?

Invitations to apply to the Honors College are sent to all MCC students who are enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours, and who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher after completion of 12 MCC (or other college) credit hours in 100 or 200 level courses. After mid-semester grades are posted, students may initiate the application process without waiting for a letter of invitation. See Eligibility for full details.

Do I need to apply to the Honors College every semester?

No. Once you have been accepted into the Honors College, your application and letters of recommendation remain on file. However, you must apply for the Honors College Partial-Tuition Scholarship each semester that you plan to take honors courses. See Scholarship details.

How many honors classes do I have to take to receive my Honors College Diploma?

  • To receive an Honors College Diploma and Medallion upon graduation with an Associates Degree, a student must complete at least 9 credit hours (3 classes) designated as honors section of regular classes.
  • In addition, a student must complete at least 3 credit hours (1 class) designated as the Honors Colloquium (HONS 250).

What other requirements are there to graduate with an Honors Diploma?

  • To receive an Honors College Diploma and Honors Medallion, a student must meet all the requirements for an established Associates Degree at MCC (Associate of Arts, Science, Applied Science or General Studies).
  • In addition, a student must have an MCC cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 at the time of graduation.

What if I participated in the Honors College, but did not complete all requirements for the Honors College Diploma?

  • Students who complete 50+ credits, maintain an overall 3.40+ cumulative GPA and completes a minimum of 3 honors courses receive an Honor Program Certificate of Achievement.
  • Students who complete 50+ credits, maintain an overall 3.25+ cumulative GPA and completes a minimum of 2 honors courses will receive an Honor Program Certificate of Achievement.

When do I receive my Honors Diploma and Medallion or Certificate of Achievement?

Honors College graduates, and early transfer students, as well as their families and friends are invited to the annual Honors Graduation Dinner and Medallion ceremony in late April or early May.

After I am accepted into the Honors College, do I have to keep a certain GPA? Will I lose my scholarship if my GPA drops?

  • If a student's cumulative GPA falls between 3.25 and 3.5, a student is placed on Honors College Probation. The student has one semester to restore their GPA eligibility for the Honors College Scholarship (regain cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better).
  • Students may continue to enroll in honors sections as long as a minimum of 3.25 GPA and enrollment in 6 or more credit hours is maintained.
  • Probation also serves as a reminder to students to bring their GPA (prior to exiting) MCC back up to 3.5 or better to receive the Honors College Diploma.
  • Termination means that a student may no longer enroll in honors sections or receive any other benefits of the Honors College. Any student terminated from the program may apply for readmission once the Honors College criteria are met.
    • Termination of membership in the Honors College occurs if:
      • A student withdraws from the Honors College.
      • A student fails to complete at least six credit hours in a fall or winter semester for which s/he was enrolled.
      • A student receives a cumulative GPA of less than 3.25 for any semester. The Steering Committee, acting as a committee of the whole, may grant an extension of probationary status for unusual circumstances.

Do I have to be a full-time student to participate in the Honors College?

You must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits for Fall or Winter Semester in order to receive the Honors College Scholarship and other benefits of membership in the program.

November 13, 2018
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