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Staff Development and Activities


Annual Employee Softball Tournament - 2012

The 3rd Annual MCC Employee Softball Tournament and Hot Dog Roast which took place Friday, June 22,2012 and Friday, July 13, 2012.

The Motley Crew

Back Row L-R: Cheryl Bassett, Wendy Bussure, Margaret Bourcier, Randy Couch, Dolores Sharpe, Alicia Bassett, Ross Domke, Krishna Govada, Marc Smith, Jenny Allar.

Front Row L-R: Nareah Hopson, Chris Bolla, Curtis Mitchell, Kirk Yaros, Theron Willams.

ITS Softball Team

Float Building Project - 2011

As part of the college's 2011 Employee Appreciation event, members of the IT Services staff worked on their entry for the Mardi Gras themed event. Pictured here is the team with the 1st place float.

Pictured L - R: John Tyler, Sharon Ledger, Linda Motter, Anuja Golla, Curtis Mitchell, Bermicia Webb, Margaret Bourcier, Cheryl Bassett.

ITS Float and Float Building Team

ITS Video Project - 2008

On August 26, 2008, Information Technology Services held a retreat to kick off the start of the Fall 2008 semester.  ITS was formed in June of 2008 - the result of the merger between two stand alone departments:  Educational Systems and Management Information Systems.  There were two objectives for the retreat - to foster communication and teamwork with the newly formed department and to discuss the service goals of the department with respect to the college community.

The first half of the retreat was spent getting to know one another and discussing the structure of the department, particularly how we were going to handle requests for service from both college employees and students.  Before the merger, support for classrooms and students were handled by Educational Systems and support for staff and faculty office or administrative needs were handled by Management Information Systems.  All calls for service - computer, AV and network, would now be directed to what was the administrative help desk - now Computing Support Services.  The group discussed expectations and request processing, in addition to physical residency ideas on how to provide seamless support for all users.

The second half of the retreat was a structured group activity, where each group was to create a video that would explain to the college community how this new department would serve the college.  The guidelines for the project are included below.  These videos are non-commercial and created solely for use at Mott Community College.


Your team is to design a 1 to 2 minute video presentation that conceptualizes the "new" Information Technology Services department to the rest of the college community.

Guidelines include:

  • Each member of your team must be included in the assignment.  You need to be able to report back the role filled by each member of your team.
  • You have access to digital photographs of each member of the department and they should be incorporated into your presentation.
  • You are allowed to utilize any space on campus or off campus as needed to tell your story and complete your project.
  • You have a budget of up to $25 total for any necessary items for your project.  You need your receipt for any items purchased (to be submitted for petty cash).
  • Be creative — there are really no boundaries on content other than an attempt to be as comprehensive as possible and adhering to political correctness, state & federal laws, etc...
  • You will need to select someone or a small group of individuals to be your presenter(s) during the report out session.
  • This is a timed activity — all teams must be ready and available at 3:45pm in CM1316.

During the process, you may be visited by members of the panel to evaluate your progress.  If you have questions at any time, you may ask one of the visiting panel members or call 810-762-0553.
IMPORTANT:You need to call me and let me know the location where you will be working — visiting panel members need to know.  You can call my cell phone.

 At the report out session, you will be presenting your comprehensive video project to a panel who will judge the process used by the team and the final project.  The video judged the best by the panel will be presented during the Faculty Welcome Back Meeting (tomorrow) on Wednesday, August 27, 2008.

 As added incentive, the winning team will be awarded 1/2 day (4 hours) time off with pay or without penalty to your respective leave banks.  Arrangements must be made with your supervisor when utilizing this time off.


Team One - A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Team Two - Star Wars

Team Three - Changes

Team Four - Remodeling

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