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Success never stops trying or learning and anyone that desires to improve is welcomed at Mott College Lapeer. Mott College and the Lapeer Center provides individuals a right to access the opportunity of a wide variety of skills and careers. As a nationally rated top tier community college, the unique opportunities MCC provides is remarkable. Since MCC spends most of our budget on our career programs and equipment, not on advertising or marketing, we are a local treasure that many in the community under utilize. Explore what is possible by stopping in and talking to one of our Career Specialist.
Thomas Saleans

–Thomas Saelens, Site Director

Mott Community College has offered classes in Lapeer since 1989 and the current facility has been open since 1993. The MCC Lapeer Center offers classes through the year and services more than 5,000 students annually.

Students can complete many educational requirements towards a Bachelor's degree through our transfer programs or begin one of our many occupations career options that provide job skills within two years or less. Our commitment to excellence means we work to make sure each student meets their educational and career goals.

Lapeer area students can complete many basic educational requirements close to home. Recent improvements to parking lots, restrooms, and classrooms reflect Mott’s continued investment in the Lapeer community.

link to Lifelong Learning non-credit continuing education for the community
Lifelong Learning non-credit continuing education classes

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