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Mission and Values

Mott Library Mission

The Mott Library provides access to reliable information and expert services that support student and lifelong learning in a welcoming environment.

Our Values

  1. Information Access
    • We provide information and services that support MCC programs and courses.
    • We support learning and the pursuit of knowledge.
    • We guide users in developing effective search strategies.
    • We provide online tools that help users discover and manage information resources.
    • We acquire, organize, and provide access to special collections reflecting our unique community.
    • We promote library services and resources using a variety of communication tools.
  1. Collaboration
    • We develop library collections with faculty input.
    • We collaborate with faculty to provide in-person library instruction and to create online library guides that help students find appropriate library resources for their course assignments.
    • We collect and utilize feedback from our college community to improve services.
    • We design library services that meet the needs of our users.
    • We nurture relationships with other educational and cultural institutions through resource sharing and event planning.
  1. Literacy
    • We support the reading faculty by providing motivating book talks to students in a class setting or on an individual basis.
    • We encourage reading outside the curriculum.
    • We participate in countywide efforts to improve literacy.
    • We teach information literacy concepts to groups or individuals by helping students think critically about what information is needed and how to evaluate what they find.
    • We raise awareness about copyright and fair use policies.
  1. Patron Rights
    • We uphold user confidentiality and privacy.
    • We respect individual needs and diversity
  1. Physical Environment & Virtual Spaces
    • We provide a safe environment for learning, research, and relaxation.
    • We offer a variety of study spaces, furniture, and equipment to support group and individual study.
    • We invite the college community to explore ideas in flexible, collaborative learning spaces outside the classroom.
    • We provide convenient online library assistance by chat, text, or email.
June 13, 2017
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