nursing student taking blood pressure

The Health Sciences meta-major is designed to help the student determine if an education in health care will help to meet the student’s career and personal goals and is consistent with the student’s academic skills and talents. All health care professions involve direct contact, care, and communication with patients who may be healthy or ill. Students in each of the Health Sciences programs must have a strong aptitude and background in the biological and behavioral sciences and in mathematics. Each of the Health Science programs is rigorous and will provide an academic challenge to the student and requires a strong commitment to the selected pathway.

This meta-major will introduce the prospective health sciences student to the math and sciences required for each of the programs, as well as to other support courses (including the Introduction to Health Careers course), which will assist the student in determining which pathway best fits the student’s individual interests, needs, and goals. Upon completion of the meta-major, the student may continue onto one of the specific Health Sciences degree pathways.

(Note: specific eligibility requirements and pre-requirements apply to each of the Health Sciences pathways. In addition, there may be strict grading and GPA requirements for the individual programs, as well as the number of attempts allowed for a course.)