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Music Facilities

The music facilities at MCC serve the students by enhancing their educational experience, and providing them with opportunities to perform, create, and record music. Whether it is the Music Auditorium, the Bryson Recording Studio, or the Music Technology or Keyboard Labs, music students at MCC are treated to state-of-the-art facilities to meet all of their musical needs.

Music Auditorium Music Auditorium

Performances at Mott Community College take place in the newly-renovated Music Auditorium, located in the Mott Memorial Building. The auditorium is handicap accessible and seats 300 concertgoers. It features year-round performances of MCC ensembles, as well as guest artist masterclasses and recitals. Recent appearances include: rock musician and writer Patti Smith, the Grand Rapids Guitar Quartet, baritone Scott Beardly, Mediterranean fusion ensemble Wisaal, and soprano Stephanie Lowd.

Music Technology Lab Music Technology Lab

Students in the Music Technology AAS program at Mott use the Music Technology Lab in the MMB. The lab consists of individual Mac Pro workstations that include industry-standard software such as Sibelius and Finale music notation programs, and Logic and Pro Tools professional audio software.

Keyboard Lab Keyboard Lab

Keyboard classes at Mott are held in the keyboard lab, located in the MMB. The lab features high quality Yamaha digital pianos for each student to use. Each console comes equipped with on-board samples, a monitor, and a pair of headphones used to play off assignments.

Tom Bryson Recording Studio Recording Studio

Music technology students will record musicians in a professional environment. The studio has three Mac Pros, two high definition televisions, monitor speakers, and a vocal isolation booth.