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MCC to Save $375,000 in interest with Bond Re-Funding



Mott Community College (MCC) will maximize taxpayer’s dollars through re-funding of voter-authorized bonds projecting interest savings of approximately $375,000. The bonds in question are “call-able,” allowing the college an opportunity to re-fund them at a lower interest rate than the existing debt.

The MCC Board of Trustees voted June 26 to approve re-funding a portion of the college’s call-able bonds in 2017.

“This proposed action demonstrates a continued commitment to fiscal responsibility to its local taxpayers by MCC ,” said Larry Gawthrop, chief financial officer for MCC. “We will continue to look for savings opportunities as we move forward.”

The College relies on bonds to finance a majority of its capital needs and bonds are an integral part of the overall college budget. When bonds are issued, there are several principal maturities, or “series”, within each offering, each having differing maturity dates. “Because these bonds are amortized over several years, the original interest rates may be higher than what is available at a future point in time on the amortization schedule,” explained Gawthrop. “This presents an opportunity to re-fund them at a lower rate.”

Re-funding can create considerable savings in interest costs. In the past 12 years, MCC has refunded several of its previous bonds and saved more than $4.5 million in interest, including
$521,000 in 2012, $303,000 in 2009 and $3,340,000 in 2005.

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June 15, 2018
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