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MCC Service Learning wins 2019 LAND Excellence Award


Melissa Ruboyianes
Melissa Ruboyianes
Emily Borst
Emily Borst

The Mott Community College Service Learning Program has been selected to receive this year’s Liberal Arts Network for Development (LAND) Institutional Excellence Award. The award will be presented at the 2019 LAND Conference Feb. 7, in Ann Arbor. The award includes a $1000 stipend.

Additionally, two MCC Fine Arts students have been chosen as Student Scholars to present at the LAND Conference and 25 students have artwork in the Fine Art and Illustration competitions. The students chosen at Student Scholars are Melissa Ruboyianes, of Flushing, and Emily Borst, of Burton.

Ruboyianes was chosen for her interactive sculpture piece “Voices in the Night,” inspired by the Take Back the Night movement. She created the piece for the October 2018 Take Back the Night event co-sponsored by Mott Community College, University of Michigan-Flint, and the Flint YWCA. The goal of her interactive sculpture was to “help unite our community through interaction.” Her LAND presentation will contextualize art as social activism, focusing on this project as a successful example of artists and communities coming together to combat a social justice issue such as sexual violence.

Ruboyianes will present a short history of socially engaged art and present examples of artist-activists using art to engage with social issues, providing a contextual foundation for this project. Then, detail the creative process she and her fellow artists went through to create the interactive artwork, the results of this powerful project, and where artist-activists can go in the future. “This project is an example of how artists, and the creativity they bring to the problems, serve an important role in in addressing social justice issues in our increasingly troubled world,” Ruboyianes said.

Emily Borst was chosen to present for her piece “Trashing Fish.” “Two of the greatest passions of my life are art and wildlife,” said Borst. These two passions led her to the issue of pollution in the oceans, and the resulting problem of sea-life of dying from ingesting trash. “The prevalence of chemicals, heavy metals, and trash/plastics in the ocean also affect our food chain through humans consuming the fish that have eaten this trash,” she added.

In her LAND presentation, Borst will discuss and demonstrate how she uses art to address the problem of plastics and trash in our oceans. “I am a sculptor and express my passion of sea-life, and my outrage over the growing issue of ocean pollution, as well as seek solutions for these atrocities through my sculptures,” she said. She will focus on an ongoing series of sculptures, which includes a large-scale sculpture titled “Homeward Bound,” a six-foot long blue whale made of garbage bags filled with plastics found in the ocean.

MCC Studio Art and Graphic Design students with works in the Fine Arts Exhibition include Studio Arts majors and dual enrolled high school students:
Alexis Alvarez, of Lapeer - 2 artworks
Abigail Novack, of Grand Blanc
Asher Lafferty, of Grand Blanc
Case Lawrence, of Flint - 2 artworks
Ciara Bowers, of Flushing - 2 artworks
Claire Laube, of Clio
Emily Borst, of Flushing - 2 artworks
Eren Long, of Grand Blanc - 2 artworks
Jane Lindsay, of Lapeer
Joleigh Schutz, of Lapeer - 2 artworks
Joshua Willis, of Flint
Kelly Rosencrantz, of Grand Blanc
Kierstyn Simpson, of Otisville
Kimberly Coombs, of Millington - 2 artworks
Kylee Forster, of Lapeer
Mariah Larr, of Davison - 4 artworks
Martin Turner, of Flint - 2 artworks
Megan Fitzko, of Flushing - 3 artworks
Michael Burke II, of Flint
Mirth Pack, of Grand Blanc
Molly McLaughlin, of Fenton
Nathen Hartfel, of Imlay City
Nicole Delong, of Davison (Dual Enrolled)
Richard Mills, of Grand Blanc
Veronica VanCleve, of Flint - 2 artworks

MCC is a member of LAND and the yearly conference is dedicated to supporting community college pedagogy and welcomes faculty from all disciplines.

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February 5, 2019
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